​​Comprehensive Nutritional Therapy Consultation  £75 for 90 minute

 personal health consultation which includes analysis of a detailed health questionnaire (completed prior to the appointment) and an in-depth discussion of your health journey including personal and medical history, family history, current presenting symptoms, lifestyle, stress levels and diet.   I then assess each body system to ensure I have looked at all potential triggers for your current health problem.  A tailor-made protocol will be sent to you within 2-3 days which will include dietary, lifestyle and supplemental recommendations, as well as recommendations for functional tests to help confirm a potential health concern or to get to the underlying cause of a symptom.

Follow-up Consultation  £35
The process to better health through nutrition can take time, therefore, it is recommended that at least one follow-up appointment be scheduled for 6 weeks after the initial consultation. In this meeting I will go through the changes that have been implemented and adjust the protocol accordingly.  

Diet and Supplement Consultation  £55

​An hour long consultation for clients who do not necessarily present with health issues, but would like some advice on their diet, lifestyle and supplements in order to enjoy optimum health and nutrition.  A personalised health and supplementation action plan will be provided to fit into your current lifestyle, making it as easy as possible to make the changes.

Home Visits incur an extra £20 charge to factor in time spent travelling and parking.

 As a CNHC registered nutritional therapist, the following private health insurance companies will reimburse you:  Westfield Health and Health Shield.